Short LAN Switching Quiz

1.) Which of the following are valid Spanning Tree Modes? (Choose 3)

2.) What settings much match for an Ethernet Channel to form? (Choose 4)

3.) Which of the following are STP transition states?

4.)Which of the following are STP stable states? (Choose 2)

5.) If a switch port is inactive what STP state is it in?

6.) Which of the following would be in a STP forwarding state? (Chose 3)

7.) Which commands would list the STP interface state of fa0/2?

8.) Which of the following ways removes the need for spanning tree in a two switch network? (Choose 2)

9.) Which of the following command lists the STP mode currently being run on a switch?

10.) The length of time it takes for a switch port to move from listening to forwarding is determined by what STP timer?

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